Sukothai project 1

Sukhothai artists in the 14th century tried to follow the canonical defining marks of a Buddha, as they are set out in ancient Pali texts: 1) Skin so smooth that dust cannot stick to it; 2) Legs like a deer; 3) Thighs like a banyan tree; 4) Shoulders as massive as an elephant's head; 5) Arms round like an elephant's trunk, and long enough to touch the knees; 6) Hands like lotuses about to bloom; 7) Fingertips turned back like petals; 8) head like an egg; 9) Hair like scorpion stingers; 10) Chin like a mango stone; 11) Nose like a parrot's beak; 12) Earlobes lengthened by the earrings of royalty; 12) Eyelashes like a cow's; 13 ) Eyebrows like drawn bows.

Sukothai Project 1Sukothai Project 1Sukothai Project 1Sukothai Project 1